Michael Mahan

Deputy Chief Mike Mahan started his career on the Allen County Police Department in 1982 as a Civilian Confinement Officer.

He became a sworn Allen County Police Officer in 1985.

He came back to Adams County and accepted a position with the Decatur Police Department in January of 1988 as a Patrolman.

After six years on the Department he was promoted to Sergeant where he supervised third shift.

After six more years he was promoted to Detective/Lieutenant.  He worked regular investigations as well as joining the DETECT Drug Task Force and worked many drug investigations.

The DETECT Drug Task force was made up of Detectives/Officers from the Adams County Sheriff Department, Wells County Sheriff Department, and the Bluffton Police Department.

Mahan was then promoted to Deputy Chief in 2014 serving under Chief Gregory Cook.

He now serves under Chief Leonard Corral who had taken Chief Cook’s position upon Cook’s retirement.

He has served under five different Police Chiefs.

Mahan has expectations of retiring in June of 2019.