Interested in Joining

Are you one of those people who want more from life? Frustrated when watching the news and wishing there was more you could do? Or maybe you want to give back to your community but aren’t sure how to. Perhaps being a reserve officer would be for you.

A wise man shared with me a long time ago that law enforcement is a family comprised of thousands of brothers and sisters. We stand shoulder to shoulder across our community, state, nation, and the world to defend if from the evil actions of others. A reserve officer is part of this family, similar to a cousin. The cousin is not at the dinner table every night with the family, but comes over often to break bread and fellowship. The reserve officer stands shoulder to shoulder as well, just not necessarily every day.

This analogy helped me understand what my role was when I served as a reserve officer. In saying this if you are interested in serving your community with pride, standing for what is right, and willing to donate your time then perhaps you should consider the reserve program.

As a reserve officer you will have to pass a 40 hour pre-basic course that meets the ILEA standards. You will be required to have monthly rides when you are dressed in a uniform and assist full time officers. There is also required training that you must attend, typically on a monthly basis. So this is a commitment you will be making. A reserve program can be a great place to learn and grow for young men or women interested in a career in law enforcement. It is also a great opportunity to serve your community if you are interested in law enforcement, but have no plans to make a career out of it either.

If you have questions about the reserve program you can ask any Decatur Officer and they can provide you more information. Reserve applicants must fill out the application listed in the careers section of this website.