Running at Large Prohibited


(A)   It shall be a violation of this section for any person being the owner of or having the care, custody or control of any dog, or harboring or keeping any dog, to allow, suffer or permit the dog to be at large upon the streets or other public places within the city, or in or upon any other place beyond the premises of such person unless the dog is:

(1)   On a leash, controlled by some person physically able to control the dog; and

(2)   Displaying a tag showing that anti-rabic vaccine had been administered to that particular animal within the last 12 months.

(B)   (1)   It shall be the duty of the humane officer of the city or the person designated to be in charge by the Board of Public Works and Safety, upon proper complaint, to apprehend and impound all dogs running at large contrary to the provisions of this subchapter. Any dog so impounded may be redeemed by the owner within five days after the impounding of the dog by reclaiming the dog at the city dog pound where it is impounded; provided that, the owner shall first pay to the city for the city dog tax fund a redemption fee of $5. Upon presentation of a receipt for the payment of the redemption fee to the person designated to be in charge of the city dog pound by the Board of Public Works and Safety, such impounded dog shall be released to the owner thereof; provided that, no such impounded dog will be released unless the owner shall have obtained a city license therefor and shall also show a current county dog tax receipt as proof of ownership.

(2)   All impounded dogs not reclaimed and redeemed by the owner thereof within five days after being impounded may be placed in suitable homes or otherwise disposed of or destroyed in a humane manner by the humane officer or person designated to be in charge by the Board of Public Works and Safety.